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Zoiper 5 PRO Discount Terms and Conditions

1. Organizer of the Promotional Campaign

The promotional campaign “ZoiPer 5 Discount“ (the “Promotion“) is organized by “Securax“ EOOD, a company duly organized under the laws of Bulgaria, with registration number 131273941, VAT number BG131273941, and registered address at 11 Gen. Ivan Kolev Str., 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria (hereinafter called “Zoiper“).

2. General Conditions

2.1. The Promotion is carried out under the present Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with applicable Bulgarian legislation and are published and available on for the entire period of the Promotion. Zoiper reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions, the changes taking effect from the moment of their publication. Any matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Zoiper Standard Terms and Conditions available at, the Zoiper Standard Terms of Sale available at, and the respective imperative rules of the law.

2.2. By performing the respective actions allowing participation in the Promotion, as described below in these Terms and Conditions, the participants confirm that they are familiar with, understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

3. Right of Participation. Territory and Period of Performing the Promotional Campaign

3.1. The right to participate in the Promotion is for any individual or company who has already purchased at least one copy of the ZoiPer 3 or ZoiPer Classic product for any operating system before the first day of the Promotion. Only adults (persons over 18) and companies can participate in the Promotion.

3.2. The Promotion is valid and participation may be requested between 09 October 2017 and 10 March 2018 included. Zoiper reserves the right to extend the promotional campaign period or to discontinue the Promotion Campaign in advance by amending these Terms and Conditions.

3.3. Participation in the Promotion can be requested via Internet from any place in the world.

3.4. The following subjects are not eligible to participate in the Promotion:

  • Employees of Zoiper and its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners involved in organizing and running the Promotion, as well as members of their families (children and spouses).
  • Clients who have not purchased at least one copy of the ZoiPer 3 or ZoiPer Classic product before the first day of the Promotion, regardless of whether they use or have used any other free or paid for products and/or services provided by Zoiper.

3.5. Zoiper has the right, at its own discretion and without notice, to exclude a participant from the Promotion, including but not limited to cases of non-compliance and/or violating the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions, including if the participant provided incomplete or incorrect data necessary for participation and/or receiving or using the Promotion award.

4. Protection of Personal Data

4.1. By performing the actions allowing participation in the Promotion each participant understands and agrees for Zoiper to collect and process their personal data following the rules of the Zoiper Privacy Policy available at: for the purposes of the Promotion. Zoiper is not liable and owes no indemnity to a person whose personal data are used to participate in the Promotion by another person, whether or not the first person has given his or her consent.

4.2. Each participant has the right of access to the personal data processed by Zoiper and the right to request Zoiper to erase, correct or block the data by submitting a written application to Zoiper to the address of management personally by the individual or by a person expressly authorized by him by a notary. For more information please check the Zoiper Privacy Policy available at:

5. Mechanism for Participation in the Promotion

5.1. Participation in the Promotion can be applied for by logging in with a valid username and password that the participant has received after purchasing a previous ZoiPer product (Zoiper 3 or Zoiper Classic). Each participant who fulfills the conditions for participation under section 3 above, and performs the actions under the previous sentence, shall be entitled to receive a Promotion award.

5.2. Each participant is entitled to receive only the Promotion award as described in section 6 below, and to no other awards, prizes, compensations or other rights.

5.3. To be able to use the Promotion awards Participants may need to provide certain technical and/or administrative assistance, such as to place an order through Zoiper’s website, or other necessary actions. Non-performance of such necessary assistance will hinder the use of the award.

5.4. Zoiper is not responsible for any problems with performance of the actions for participation or receiving of the award due to technical or other objective reasons, or to the provision of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate data.

6. Description of Awards

6.1. The award in the Promotion is the right to use a discount of thirty percent (30%) from the announced price for Zoiper’s new product Zoiper 5 during the entire promotion period. The discount only applies to purchases of below 100 licenses.

6.2 The promotion discount can be used more than once during the promotion period by the same client. There is no limit to the overall number of licenses that can be purchased with the promotional discount by one client during the entire Promotional Campaign.

6.3. A participant cannot ask for the award to be exchanged, reassigned, paid in money or any other products, services or benefits.

6.4. The award cannot be used in combination with any other discounts or promotions provided by Zoiper.

7. Discontinuation of Products

7.1. Zoiper plans to stop developing and offering (to discontinue) its Zoiper 3 and Zoiper Classic products. All licenses for these products purchased before this will remain valid, however, no updates, fixes, or any other changes will be introduced in these products or offered to clients after the discontinuation. The discontinuation will occur at Zoiper’s discretion at a moment determined by Zoiper’s business strategy.

8. Termination of the Promotional Campaign

8.1. The Promotion ends with the elapse of the period specified in item 3.2 above.

8.2. Zoiper has an irrevocable right to terminate the Promotion at any time at its own discretion. In these cases, no compensation is due to any participants.

9. Responsibility

9.1. Zoiper is not responsible and cannot be attracted as a party to court proceedings relating to the inability to use an awards due to reasons beyond his control.

9.2. Zoiper is under no obligation to hold correspondence for award claims that do not fulfill the conditions for receiving of an award.

9.3. Zoiper is not responsible for any technical issues associated with participating in the Promotion.

9.4. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law Zoiper shall not be liable to any client (1) for direct and indirect (similar, special, consequential or incidental) damages or losses, including without limitation loss of profit, opportunity, revenue, production, business, business savings, business goodwill, reputation, data or fees, (2) for expenses of any kind or nature, including without limitation expenses for any kind of legal services or representation and court fees, and (3) for any obligations or liabilities arising for the client including without limitation patent infringement and product liability, the client’s obligation to compensate any end-user or other third party; when the damages, losses, expenses, obligations or liabilities have arisen out of the discontinuation of the Zoiper 3 and Zoiper Classic products and/or of any problems or malfunctions occurring with regard to them, including without limitation problems resulting from any changes of the software or hardware environment in which the respective product is used, even if Zoiper has been advised of the possibility of such damages, losses, expenses, obligations or liabilities. Any issues reported may be addressed only under the relevant conditions of the Zoiper Standard Terms and Conditions available at

10. Disputes

10.1. Any disputes arising between Zoiper and any participant will be settled by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the parties have the right to refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court in the city of Sofia under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

10.2. Disputes by participants regarding the conduct of the Promotion that arise during the Promotion may be sent in writing or by e-mail to the addresses specified in these Terms and Conditions. Participant must send the dispute claims within 3 days of the respective end date of the Promotion. After this date the claims will not be considered.

10.3. The current rules are binding on all participants and awarded in the Promotion and Zoiper’s decisions are final in all matters relating to the Promotion.

10.4. Contacts with Zoiper:; +352 20333140; +1 415 9065157.